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Career & Interview Counseling Services on Long Island, New York

Professor Peterson offers 5 Career Counseling sessions @ $500 each, including two 90-minute in-person or teleconference sessions and email/phone follow up.
Shaking Hands - Interviewing Skills in Oyster Bay, NY

Interviewing Skills

Improve your overall presentation to a prospective employer with 1 or 2 sessions with Prof. Peterson. (Half sessions of 90-min. are ½ price $250). Find out Do's and Don'ts, practice articulating your strengths and achievements, dress for success, and formulate pre-set speeches of 2-3 minutes on delicate subjects.

Selecting a Career with a New Degree

If you are a young graduate with no clear career goals in mind, sit down with Prof. Peterson and research the current job market to find a path that will suit your personality and strengths while offering opportunities for success.

Mid-Life Career Change

Many people in their 40s or later find the need to change careers, whether voluntarily or due to downsizing or economic conditions. Rather than waste time and potential income by randomly “testing the waters,” discuss your options with a professional in career guidance to minimize the time gap between careers and maximize future growth potential, not to mention happiness.

Completing a College Degree as a Working Adult

It is not unusual for people to quit college for a job, marriage, or relocation. Unfortunately, this delay can turn into 10 or 15 years, during which time the lack of a degree becomes more and more problematic. Prof. Peterson is an expert on smoothing the path toward degree completion with research, planning, and possibly using work experience for college credit.
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Becoming an Adjunct College Professor

If you have an advanced degree in your line of work, why not share your knowledge and experience as a part-time college instructor? These two sessions involve the preparation of an academic CV (curriculum vitae) and cover letter, normally an additional $500 ($400 for CV, $100 for letter). Have both documents written and receive advice on text selection and syllabus writing for $900 total. (Minimum 30 credits past a bachelor's degree is usually required.)

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